Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best techniques of online marketing. It's a revenue-sharing online marketing model that involves two parties, one that promotes another's products or services and the other that provides commission or incentive for doing so. The first party is more commonly known as affiliates, publishers or advertisers and the later one is known as merchants. The commission is earned on the basis of sales, clicks, leads etc.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most cost effective and efficient forms of advertising. It costs you nothing to place your advertising banners and links on another website (once they agree to become an affiliate!). It costs the affiliate nothing to advertise your business; they can only earn!

Commission is only paid once a sale or lead is generated and the best part is, it is upto you to decide how much commission you are willing to pay.

WebGainMedia a growing e-business and Affiliate Marketing Solutions Company in New Delhi, India, offers affiliate-marketing solutions for both the merchants and affiliates or publishers.

Affiliate Marketing Solutions for Merchants

  • Competitive Analysis of Industry
  • Review and Selection of Affiliate Networks
  • Affiliate Network Account Setup and Management
  • Network competitor Analysis
  • Affiliate recruiting and Commission Structure Recommendations

Affiliate Marketing Solutions for Affiliates or Publishers

  • Analysis of the Products/Services Publisher Plans to Market
  • Selection of Affiliate Networks
  • Selection of Good Merchants, Deals and Offers
  • Regular Monitoring of the Campaign Performance
  • Deal Management and Updations
  • Web and Search Engine Promotion of Affiliate's Website
  • Monthly Reports on Campaign Performance

WGM works with some of the very best affiliate networks like Commission Junction (CJ), Trade Doubler, DGM Pro, Affiliate Window, Affiliate Future, Link Share and leading affiliate programs from Amazon, eBay and many more.

Achieving success when it comes to affiliate marketing requires careful planning from the outset as well as ongoing management throughout the campaign. WGM, a premier in the field of online marketing, enjoys the privilege of having an experienced team of affiliate marketing managers, equipped with the latest technology and technical know how of affiliate web sites and affiliate programs. WGM offers cost effective and return based affiliate marketing solutions in India and across the globe.

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